Privacy Policy

All your data is safe with us and will not be shared with the general public.

However, through direct collection of data, we obtain a wide range of information, including registration details, contact information, and other details that we use to help you get discounts and special offers.

You can opt-out of sharing specific information and part of our services for your convenience. However, please note that we do make use of different forms of data collection, including indirect collection through cookies, which personalize web content, advertisements, and preferences based on your shopping patterns.

We also use indirect information to improve our services, such as upgrading our website and monitoring traffic, updating website performance and speed, and other factors. We use web beacons, log files, and other mediums, including social media content.

Refunds and Exchanges

We have a refund and exchange policy that allows you to return products that are spoilt, expired, or damaged upon delivery. However, the request must be put in as soon as possible, and some items cannot be refunded or exchanged. Packaging must be intact, and our teams will evaluate the condition before determining if you are entitled to either.

You can get refunds in cash or store credit depending on the situation, and we will offer you exchanges for goods that are damaged during delivery or if the incorrect products are delivered to you.

Please contact our customer care service in case you’re looking for a refund or exchange, and we can guide you in more detail.